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I made a list of my goals for playing the Sims this year. Among them, I had a bonus goal: Get my simself a reputable man. I have come to the conclusion that this will only happen if I do a Bachelor Challenge for Lily Azure. So, that means it’s everybody’s favorite thing: Casting call time!

Stats: Lily is a Knowledge Pisces, 6/2/5/3/9.

Other notes: A reputable man who Lily can mention in public. He should be a good stepfather to Jules. They can have another kid who will join the generation 6 brigade.

Technical notes: Please send me your sims in .package form. Sims2Pack will not work on my computer. No, I’m really not making this up. I understand that I’m asking you to jump through an extra hoop to get me the .package file out of SimPE. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t necessary.

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